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Powering new ideas

The five nominated innovations for the final round have been announced. The winner will be determined on November 15 at the exhibition center in Hanover. The pitching session will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at the Expert Stage Inhouse Farming in Hall 24 (Booth D25). The award ceremony will take place from 13:45 to 14:30.

Portraits of the five 2023 Nominees

Alpha-Protein GmbH (Germany)

Automated mealworm production

The patented supply portal and high-bay rearing ensure cost-efficient, space-saving and automated rearing of insects as feed to replace soy and fish meal. The modularity and global applicability increase the possibilities of adaptation to customer and region needs. The developed rearing system is designed to be space-saving and highly integrated for excellent space-time yield.

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easyVEGAN GmbH (Austria)

Beer draff - the basis for the perfect beer snack

The beer draff, which is a by-product of the brewing process, is now being used in its natural form as the main ingredient for easyVEGAN's plant-based burgers and balls. These are an absolute world first. The new, vegan "beer snacks"; are valuable, healthy food and a showcase example of the successful implementation of the circular economy and an active contribution to climate protection.

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Lite+Fog GmbH (Germany)

Fopgponic Farming Module

The automated Fogponic Farming Modules offer a number of advantages. The hygienic standard enables the cultivation of plants and herbs for pharmaceutical projects. For example, it is possible to grow insulin in lettuce or an mRNA vaccine in tobacco plants. This is a completely new and fascinating field of agriculture, "Plant Molecular Farming".

PUEVIT GmbH (Germany)


With the innovative, scalable algae production plant, PUEVIT GmbH sets a new standard for regional microalgae cultivation. The franchise concept of the umbrella brand ALGENWERK includes construction and commissioning of the plant, technical support, quality management, AI-controlled innovative energy management as well as marketing strategies and a participation in the active community. Locally and freshly produced microalgae as regional food of the future are thus already a reality today.

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SEAWATER Cubes GmbH (Germany)


The SEAWATER Cube is a fully automated farm for inland cultivation of marine fish. The system, housed in recycled shipping containers, produces 7.8 tons annually on a 120m² area and can be modularly expanded. Filtration Systems remove animal waste and recycle 99% of the water. The software incorporates comprehensive fish knowledge and controls all processes automatically. Thereby, farmers can enter the aquaculture industry and build their self a new business.

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